About Us

We are a collection of Students, Faculty, and Staff, as well as committed community members

We hope to bring together all of Eastern, as well as Charleston in supporting the displaced workers of EIU. We hope to do this through a variety of ways. We hope to have many fundraising events, and voice their concerns over the Budget Impasse, and what it has wrought.
Support EIU Employees Board of Directors
Jeramy Eggers - President
Misty Green - Vice President
Leslie McLean- Secretary
Amy Eggers - Treasurer
Jim Means - Board Member
Jim Irwin - Board Member
Karen Pope - Board Member
Joe McLean - Board Member

Support EIU Employees Board is made of EIU Employees past and present as well as members from our community. Membership for this organization is open to the public and we would love you to volunteer. Our goal as a group is to help our fellow workers and help make this community a better place to live.